Advent of Ascension

Posted 9 months ago
Last Updated 7 months ago


The Advent of Ascension Mod 1.7.10 is a massive creation which will take at least a book to describe itself. The modification comprises of several different items to play within the game. It allows you to have a bunch of different kind of new mobs which will randomly generate and tries to kill you. Along with that you can keep up to many dimensions and roughly at least 14 new dimensions.  Advent of Ascension will showcase the exciting new categories of armors, weapons, tools and such a unique way to play the game. Interestingly the size of the modification is quite huge as compared to the other one. The reason for that is the files which are added in this due to adding different genre of dimensions. It might require a few months to properly explore this one. So check it out yourself.




For Minecraft 

          > Advent_of_Ascension_Forge.jar