Conquest Reforged (Over 6,000 New Blocks)

Posted 1 year ago


With Conquest Reforged, many shackles upon creativity have been broken. Take advantage of the trapdoors, anvils, slabs, stairs, arches, and even small window models of Conquest Reforged to build the way you want to build.

Additional blocks do not stop with model variants. This mod adds many unique models, from round barrels and wooden rails to 3d ladders and furnaces, to allow you to realize finer details and a higher sense of immersion throughout your Minecraft worlds.

There’s no need to spend your valuable time sifting through all the painting variants for the perfect one now. Conquest Reforged adds the capability to select the painting you wish to place with quick commands. Not only that, the creators have added hundreds of new paintings that ignore Minecraft physics.


Conquest Reforged builds upon Minecraft’s Creative Inventory by reorganizing every block and tab to provide intuitive block-selection. No longer is wood mixed together with stone; we’ve grouped together blocks according to their material and purpose. Best of all, Conquest Reforged adds another dimension to the Creative Inventory: a selection wheel for blocks with all of its model variants with an optional color wheel.



For Minecraft 1.10.2
               > Conquest_Reforged_1.10.2_Forge.jar
Resource Pack Add-On