Fisks Superheroes

Posted 1 year ago


The greatly anticipated Fisks Superheroes Mod by FiskFille is finally unleashed! Now you and your friends can begin your journey to suit up into one of the 30 introduced superheroes, from both the Marvel and DC multiverses: It is your time to Fly, Speed and Fight your way to glory without a tragic backstory!

Fisks Superheroes Mod adds 30 amazing hero and villain suits to craft upon launch, including Captain America, Iron Man, The Flash, Batman and many, many more!  Iconic suit abilities and weapons, such as Batman’s Batarangs, Ant-Man’s size-shifting and Iron Man’s Repulsor Tech!  3D-modeled weapons and equipment related to characters, such as the Cosmic Treadmill for The Flash and Captain America’s Vibranium Shield.  Craftable Display Stands for your suits, which also allow for instant changing.  Secret additional features can be found with certain heroes, including The Flash and Ant-Man.

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Fisks Superheroes Mod

Fisks Superheroes Mod






For Minecraft 1.7.10
               > Fisks Superheroes_1.7.10.jar