Fossils and Archeology Revival

Posted 2 years ago


There’s a vast expansion of explorable territory in the Minecraft Universe but one thing is certainly missing. Dinosaurs.  The Fossils and Archeology Revival mod not only adds the extinct creatures to the realm but adds so much more like fossils, eggs, ancient blocks and tools, as well as DNA and lab equipment. This mod adds everything you could ask for to build your very own Jurassic Park.
What’s really neat is you can be a real archaeologist and find fossils and DNA buried around your world just like our own. And to add to that, with the materials you’ve collected you can actually grow your own dinosaurs in a lab.  The goal is to collect the fossils from fossil blocks. They look similar to stone blocks but when broken they reveal bones, relics or bio-fossils.  The bio-fossils are the key to creation. They’ll need to be analyzed and they have a chance of producing Dino DNA. Once you have the DNA in the Fossils and Archeology Revival mod you can cultivate it into whatever dinosaur egg the DNA came from. Then simply place the egg and wait.






For Minecraft 1.7.10
> Fossils_and_Archaeology_1.7.10_Forge.jar
For Minecraft 1.6.4
> Fossils_and_Archaeology_1.6.4_Forge.jar