Instant Massive Structures Mod

Posted 2 years ago


You can craft just about anything you might want to make in Minecraft using the Instant Massive Structures mod, and even some things you probably haven’t even considered building. A few have already been mentioned, but players can also make hot air balloons, underground prisons, storehouses full of chests and even dungeons, just to name another few things. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the structures included with this mod either – there is a ton of content here. This mod works with Minecraft up to version 1.9, so most players will be able to utilize it without any hassle.

The Instant Massive Structures mod is exactly as it sounds. You can craft a structure-placing block, put it on the ground, and a massive structure will instantly be generated in front of your eyes. All you need to do is craft the shape of your structure with related minecraft items.

You can use Instant Massive Structures to expand your Minecraft world with a variety of detailed, easy to make structures. You can can create maps in half the time with a set of pre-made structures. Whatever you want to do, Instant Massive Structures will help you get it done in less than a second.








For Minecraft 1.8.9
               > Mo’ Creatures_1.8.9.jar
For Minecraft 1.8.1
               > Mo’ Creatures_1.8.1.jar
For Minecraft 1.7.10
               > Mo’ Creatures_1.7.10.jar