Mo’ Shovels Mod

Posted 1 year ago


Mo’ Shovels adds over 50 Shovels into Minecraft made out of Vanilla materials. Each one has its own stats.

The half of the shovels are pretty much useless (common – uncommon), but the mod should provide you the ability to make a tool out of almost everything you have.
The other half is better than iron, which make them a Rare Shovel.
Epic Shovels are better than diamond (not in every stat) and they also have unique stats.
And then there are Mythic Shovels, which have a special ability and can be used by right-clicking.


There are a ton of new shovels to play around with and you can basically craft a special shovel out of anything you have.  There is a full list of shovels that you can check out HERE



For Minecraft 1.11.2
          > Mo’ Shovels_Mod_1.11.2_Forge.jar
For Minecraft 1.11
          > Mo’ Shovels_Mod_1.11_Forge.jar