Saracalia’s Vehicle Mod

Posted 2 years ago


Saracalias Vehicle Mod is designed for you to decorate city streets with vehicles, not to drive in them!  Think of this as more of a decorative mod rather than actual drivable cars.

Saracalias Vehicle Mod is a vehicle decoration pack, similar to DecoCraft. You can’t really drive or sit in them, but they are there for a nice touch to help make your city even more realistic with nice looking vehicles. With the first actual release of this mod, it has gone through so many stages over the past couple of months, and well, finally got a fully working one!


There are a ton of new cars to check out including police cars, trucks, sedans, coupes, sports cars, taxi’s, and SUV’s!!!  Download the mod to look at all the vehicles available and decorate your city with awesome cars.



For Minecraft 1.8.9
          > Saracalia’s_Vehicle_Mod_1.8.9_Forge.jar
For Minecraft 1.7.10
          > Saracalia’s_Vehicle_Mod_1.7.10_Forge.jar